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Quantum Physics

I have hesitated to delve deeply into quantum physics (QP) in the ISAS Forum before because it is complex and paradoxical, and because the field is quite confused.  Two recent articles, one in Nautilus magazine and one posted in BQO have changed this – new ideas being offered to explain the paradox of QP will […]

Insights into Infinity – Is the World Finite?

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Recently I happened across two very different pieces about infinity.  The first was a blog post by Mario Livio, and the second a short video by Curtis Childs on Infinity.  In his post, Livio poses the question as to whether there are any infinities in nature or whether they are just mathematical concepts.  He points out […] 

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Is the Science-Religion Debate Turning a Corner?

In the Big Questions Online forum this month, Kelly Clark posted an essay that takes aim at atheist claims of rational superiority.  Under the provocative title “Is Atheism Irrational”,  he borrows the line of reasoning from atheism that labels belief in religion as mental weakness, illusion, or “cognitive functioning gone awry” and applies it to […]

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